High temperature – low fouling

We, the dedicated people at Ekström & Son, offer you world class air preheaters for the carbon black industry. Our home is Kristianstad in Sweden, our market is the entire world. When you buy a product from us you get more than you can see on the outside. You get solid quality that is leveraged through all our experience. And it is handed down from master to apprentice through many years. We are of course certified according to ISO (9001/14001/18001), but our quality mission is based on always delivering the best possible for our customers. And you can trust us; for over 20 years we have supplied your industry.

”We are flexible and engaged.” What’s special about that?

Our mission is to create innovative and low-maintenance products. To customise every solution. Our staff speaks many languages and loves to visit you to learn more. Several large and small companies let us manufacture their products. Why? Because they say we listen and solve problems on the way. And it is true!

In good hands

An effective air preheater makes your process more reliable and more economic. We care about your business 24/7, and we aim to assist you with an efficient operation. We are always there to assist you with upgrades and advise. You can trust our preheaters. They come in both 800°C and 900+°C versions, and provide a reliable and robust design.

Turn the heat up!

Some like it hot. We do as well. Our double shell air preheaters are well known from other industrial heat recovery applications, such as the glass industry. Ekstrom & Son are proud to offer the only such solution for carbon black producers. So ask yourself … how hot is hot enough for you? Let’s take a look at our product line.

Your next air preheater

We offer five types of air preheaters:

The single shell preheater - 900+°C

The Ekström patent pending 900+C design has an extended fire tube surface. It offers the following benefits:

  • Extended fire tube surface with lower metal temperatures – expected increased life time and safety against creep
  • Self-supporting design – reduces need for external structures
  • Two versions: Standard Height, or Compact Height (similar to our 800C models – easy to upgrade)


The single shell preheater – 800°C


The figure above illustrates the difference between our single and double shell solutions.

”The original design that we have manufactured since 1993”.

The double shell preheater (with less fouling) – 800°C

The figure above illustrates the difference between our single and double shell solutions.

The figure above illustrates the difference between our single and double shell solutions.

Lower temperature difference between firetubes and process gas provide lower fouling.

In detail, this is how it works

The advantage of a double shell air preheater is lower fouling. This is due to lower temperature difference between the process gas and the tube. This leads to less cleaning and better control of your maintenance costs. The graph shows the temperature differential between CB gas and the preheated air:


Words from our clients

Air preheaters provide higher temperatures for Orion Engineered Carbons Orion Engineered Carbons is one of the world’s leading producers of Carbon Black. The engineered carbon is used for print pigments, polymers, and rubber, to mention a few applications. The air preheater is a key component in such plants. Ekström & Son provides air preheaters for some of Orion’s plants throughout the world. Continuous product development is necessary in order to help our customers innovate and be ever competitive in the market place.

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